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Sheet Mask 101

Why sheet mask? Are the benefits really there or are they just gimmicks? Well, ladies and gents, sheet masks are an everyday staple in Korea for a reason. Not only are sheet masks the simplest and fastest way to brighten and hydrate your skin with but they’re packed with a lot of effective and beneficial ingredients. If you’re ready to know more, see below!

How To Sheet Mask

How to sheet mask and when do you apply it in your skincare routine?

The most important thing about a consistent skincare routine is to know the steps.

1. Start by double cleansing (oil based cleanser followed by a water based cleanser). Double cleansing is not necessary during the mornings but is a must for your night-time cleansing routine!

2. Follow with a toner.

3. Apply your essence/serum/ampoule/oil. Sheet masks normally replaces this step because they’re soaked in a highly concentrated essence so if you want to incorporate sheet masking in your routine, do so in this step. Make sure to remove any plastic mesh or film if it comes with the mask before applying it on to your face. If you still prefer to apply all of the above, apply the sheet mask after your essence/serum/ampoule/oil. 

4. Leave it on for 15-25 minutes or however long the instructions say on the package.

5. Remove the sheet mask.

6. Tap/Rub in the leftover essence to make sure it absorbs into your skin. DO NOT WASH OFF the essence from your face. You're letting the magic essence go to waste if you do! Another tip: You can rub the extra essence on your neck, arms, legs, and chest for some extra benefits!

7. Apply eye cream.

8. Apply moisturizer to seal everything in.

9. Apply sunscreen (For daytime).

10. Say hello to hydrated and glowing skin!

Should sheet masks be used during the day or night?

This actually depends on your preference! We recommend using it at night so your skin soaks up all the benefits from the essence while you sleep. However, it doesn't mean that it wouldn't provide your skin with benefits if you sheet mask during the day. A lot of people like to sheet mask during the day before makeup application because it rejuvenates the skin as well as provides the skin with moisture and a dewy glow throughout the day. Those with oily skin might want to use a sheet mask that is lighter in consistency (not as creamy or heavy) to avoid the extra glow.

How often should you sheet mask?

Everyone’s skin is different but we recommend sheet masking 2-3 times a week minimum. Sheet masking every day can be beneficial for the skin too but people with sensitive skin might react to that since sheet masks contain essences that are highly concentrated with certain ingredients that people with sensitive skin might react to if used daily. There’s also nothing wrong with sheet masking once or twice a week especially if you’re new to sheet masks. It makes a great pampering session especially when you need some time to yourself. Sheet masks are an essential part of everyone’s daily lifestyle especially for those who highly believe in the importance of self-care.

Types Of Masks

What are the differences between microfiber sheet masks, hydrogel, bio-cellulose, foil, and clay masks?

Microfiber Sheet Masks

Microfiber masks also known as cotton masks, are the most common and more affordable sheet masks out there. Due to their coarser texture, these tend to dry out quicker than other masks. Like most masks, these are infused in a highly concentrated essence to deliver a variety of beneficial ingredients to help with various skin conditions.

Hydrogel Masks

Hydrogel masks have a gel-type consistency and feel slick in texture and normally come in two separate parts (top and bottom) to apply on the face. They also tend to feel cooling on the skin. Unlike microfiber sheet masks, these are more transparent on the skin and offer a great absorption system which allows them to lock in moisture better.

Bio-Cellulose Masks

Bio-cellulose masks are made out of all-natural fibers (from good bacteria), are super thin which makes it adhere well to the skin, has excellent absorption properties, are very durable-will not rip or tear, which makes these more expensive than other masks.

Foil Masks

Most foil masks contain foil on the outside of the actual sheet mask. The inside part of the foil mask normally contains a soft cotton-like material which feels comfortable on the skin. Having the foil on the outside of the actual mask helps prevent all of the good for your skin ingredients from evaporating quickly. Foil masks are known for keeping your masks moist during the whole sheet mask session.

Clay Sheet Masks

Clay and charcoal sheet masks can range in many colors such as black, white, pink, and so on. These masks are saturated in clay and/or charcoal that contains detoxifying ingredients for soft, smooth, and pore-less skin.